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I was born in Degerfors in Sweden's Värmland province on 9th September 1941. Growing up I was a lively kid and life was full of ecapades. By the age of 13 I was already Sweden's youngest white-collar worker, working for the state-run energy company Vattenfall in Bullerforsen, Vilhelmina in Northern Sweden.

After a while I moved south to Filipstad and rented a farmstead called Bastkullen. Through working hard out in the forest and with night school studies, I learnt the discipline needed to get on in life.

When i was 18, the Swedish Metalworks in Västerås employed me in their laboratory. I worked as a materials tester at first but then I quickly learnt how the 15 or so machines in the metal rolling department outside the lab worked. Achieving good quality resulted in me being allowed to study metallurgy during work time and thanks to my previous night school studies in technical flight engineering I was able to learn new technical solutions very quickly.

With the 60s achievement of rolling radio cables in copper alloy 1070 I became a valuable asset in the metal shop since radio cable was in great demand the world over wherever televisions and radios were manufactured.

Through a Swedish engineer in Sao Paulo I was offered work setting up German Demag machines in Utinga outside Sao Paulo, Brazil. After a year there I returned home to help set up foil rolling machines in Finspång and after that ended up in Örebro.

I was 23 when I arrived in Örebro and it was there that I began my fledging career as a businessman in small companies in all imagineable sorts of situations. My faults all gradually became apparent which caused a great deal of pain and suffering and i can honestly say that I built my career the hard way!
During the 45 years that i have been running my own companies I have come to realize that the success of a company is measured by how successful the co-opreation is with and between the staff.

The four companies that I own and run now, together with my three sons Tommy, Kenneth and Roger provide what we ourselves consider to be a stable platform on which we can continue to build. Creativity and the ability to take initiative are two contributing factors to job satisfaction and success.

Having many years in the rear mirror does not mean that even the future is behind me. I am looking ahead with enthusiasm and will to succeed in the fight to reach new victories, not least with my company in Nairobi, Kenya with its 15 employees and new exciting work assignments.

To find out more about my companies in Sweden please go to the engagements page.