Having started working at a mere age of 13years i have had vast experiences in the business world with most notable ideas and ventures being my current companies as described below:-

Momenta AB

Momenta AB was founded in 1987 and since 1994 has been working with traffic safety campaigns. This involves distributing cycle helmets, safety vests and reflector badges to schools and preschools under our trademark product Flexbert. MORE HERE...

Link Expo

LinkExpo provides business development in reality to companies, entreprenuers and inventors. We help them to develop and realize their operation or their products. Cooperation, cost efficiency and realization of visions are all part of our business concept. MORE HERE...

Classis AB

Classis AB is focused on technical skills and Broad Expertise in IT, Accounting services & Education in road safety issues. In the IT sector, we offer consulting services in code optimization, parallel programming and algorithm development for companies and agencies carrying out large and heavy processing runs and/or calculations in administration, technology and science. MORE HERE..

Regencia Address Hotel

Regencia is an address hotel. It will offer an extensive catalog of uniquely organized company addresses and contacts to enable you harness the power of your company in collaboration and marketing. Its design is robust enough to allow seamless integration with your firm's collaborative and sales intranet applications.
This business venture is still under construction.

Kids Goat Farm Kenya

The Kids Goat farms project is located in Kenya. The project was developed as an idea to assist the under-priveleged children located in arid and semi-arid regions of Kenya where each child is assigned a goat. The concept is that when the goats multiply, they are transferred to the child once he/she is of age to start their own farm. MORE HERE...

Global Mission

The Global Mission is a Missions and Evangelism organization whose practice is based on the model of Responsible Evangelism, Multiplication Ministry and Stewardship. The Global Mission works with different denominations in equipping their respective church leaders as well as establishing community based projects to upgrade the living standards of the indigineous people. MORE HERE...

Momenta International Kenya

We are pleased to introduce to you Momenta International Kenya Ltd, a local representation of Momenta AB in Sweden.

The Momenta Kenya Chapter was founded in 1996, and since then we have been working with different projects under the umbrella of Momenta AB. Momenta in Kenya has initiated Business to Business programs, Publicity for Local Companies in the diaspora, Export and Import research for companies as well as offer of its reflective products as an outdoor advertising portal.

We have enjoyed the warmth of Momenta AB which has featured as a leader in Sweden in IT consultancy. Momenta AB has developed her own softwares and her credibility in the IT industry has largely contributed to the high number of companies in Europe running to partner and work with the Momenta Group. With a database of close to 1,000,000 addresses hosted in our servers as participants, Momenta took that advantage to host a Business to Business concept called Link Expo which inter-links comapnies in Europe to local and International Businesses into a common network.